Tuesday, July 18, 2017

3 Bedroom Furniture Pieces That Will Upgrade Your Organization

Keeping your bedroom clean can be difficult. Between your clothing, bedding, and accessories, your personal possessions can really add up, and without a proper place to store all your belongings they can begin to create chaos and clutter. While dressers and closets are standard bedroom storage solutions, they both can only go so far. Fortunately, at Kensington Furniture, we carry a wide array of storage solutions that are beyond basic, and will bring your bedroom organization to the next level. Find out more about three game-changing bedroom storage pieces that our Northfield, NJ home furniture has to offer.

Storage Beds

A storage bed is a fantastic bedroom storage solution, especially for those who have limited space to spare. Our storage beds feature spacious front and side drawers built directly into the bed frame. A storage bed provides a perfect place to store clothing, bedding, shoes, and pretty much anything that would normally take up space in your dresser. We have a diverse collection of storage beds for sale, available in both contemporary and traditional styles.


Due to its small size, some people fail to see the benefits of purchasing a nightstand or bedside table; however, this understated piece of furniture can significantly enhance your bedroom atmosphere. A nightstand is the perfect place to put your small daily necessities, such as your phone, alarm clock, and your favorite nighttime novel. Without a piece of storage furniture right by your bedside, your small possessions are likely to end up messily strewn across your bedroom.

Media Chests

If you have a television in your bedroom, ditch your TV table and replace it with a versatile media chest. While TV stands and media consoles generally do provide storage space, it usually comes in the form of cabinets and compartments meant for storing electronic devices. The benefit of a media chest is that it includes space for your electronic devices, along with a series of storage drawers that are perfect for clothing and linens. Basically, a media chest is like a TV table and a dresser all rolled into one.

You can find these bedroom storage selections and so much more at Kensington Furniture! View our complete bedroom furniture collection online or stop by our brick-and-mortar furniture store in Northfield, NJ. We hope to see you soon!