Wednesday, October 11, 2017

3 Tips to Help You Select a New Sofa

Selecting a new sofa for your living room is no easy feat. When there are literally hundreds of options to consider, how do you know which one is the right fit for you? When choosing a new sofa, there are a few major points to consider that will help narrow down your search. Learn more about the collection of sofas we offer at Kensington Furniture and follow our three simple tips to find the right one for you!

Consider Sofa Size

Size is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a new sofa. A sofa that is too big will make your living room look crowded and cramped, while a sofa that is too small will make your living room look awkward. To ensure the sofa you choose is the right size for your space, be sure to measure your living room and consider your furniture arrangement. For instance, do you want your sofa to fill the majority of your living room? If so, then you may want to purchase a sectional sofa or a set of reclining sofas. If you plan to pair your sofa with accent chairs or occasional tables, then a simple stationary sofa may be a better fit for you. For those with less space to spare, a loveseat or a chaise lounge sofa is another great option.

Determine How Your Sofa Will be Used

Another key point to consider is the way you plan to use your sofa. For example, will you be lounging with your family on your sofa each night, or will it mainly be used for entertaining guests? Does your sofa need to double as a sleep space or will it only be used for sitting? Fabric sofas are the best choice if you want a sofa you can really sink into, while leather and faux leather sofas have a sophisticated appearance that is perfect for more formal seating areas. If you often entertain overnight guests, a sleeper sofa is a good option to consider since it doubles as a bed.

Choose a Coordinating Sofa Style

Our last point may go without saying, but it is important to select a sofa that fits in with the rest of your living room d├ęcor. No matter how lovely a sofa may be, if it features a completely different design style than the rest of your furniture, then it will look out of place. Fortunately, our home furniture store has sofas for sale in every style—from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. No matter what design style you prefer, you can rest assured that we have a wealth of options you are sure to love.

If you are ready to upgrade your living room with a new sofa, come to Kensington Furniture today and browse our diverse sofa collection. Not only are our sofas comfortable and stylish, but they are also exceptionally affordable. Feel free to shop with us online or at our Northfield, NJ furniture showroom.